What The Roar Is All About


Welcome to Tiger Chess Association an Affiliate of the USCF A6018735.The only Chess Association in our region thats designed to fit the needs of the Rated Tournament player as well as casual player .And there is NO MEMBERSHIP FEE !! The Tiger Chess Associations primary goal is to promote chess in our Inner Cities and Abroad .Our Mission is to increase the interest of chess in our youth and adults .Our secondary objective to assist the rated tournament player in avenues to gain rating points and overall improve tournament play .We provide you with the resources to be the best rated tournament player you can be that"s it plain an simple. Chess lessons Available TCA has a team of area chess coaches for lessons and instruction at very reasonable rates group sessions are encouraged .Tiger Chess Association has books,clocks boards and just about anything you need for your chess game or club. Tiger Chess Asscociation sponsors an area youth program called Tiger Cubs we teach youth and young adults the benefits of chess and encourage them to excel in school . Tiger Chess has a strict NO DRAMA -NO POLITICS -LETS JUST PLAY is the slogan.

Tiger Chess Association is also a Tournament Promoter . So if your looking for tournaments to play in that are close to home you've found the place.We are 100% committed to providing players comfortable ,affordable tournaments .TCA understands that rated players need to play to get better and achieve more rating gains not the pains from spending hundreds of dollars just to play in a rated tournament! .The Tiger Chess Association has teamed up with colleges ,hotels and community centers to get you the best for less.TCA works for you the chess player not the hotels or vendors, our focus is about you the chess player , why becuase we are players just like you not some guy trying to make a profit at your expense ! Our Venue offers more for less .More options that fit your time schedule.

Weekly rated games for $1.00 .Monday & Thursdays G/90  (Three sections Open , U1700 ,U1400 )

Weekly Sunday Swiss Tournament 5 round swiss G/30 $10 entry prizes b/10

Monthly 4 round Swiss G/60 $10  $7 for TCA members

 Survivor Series Tourny 3 round G/70 swiss    $25 entry Prizes b/10 

Daily Casual Blitz games . Weekly Classroom study with National Master an Candiate Master

Chess instructors available for tutoring Books ,Sets ,Videos Apparel .

Great location No Da's  (Charlotte Arts District, 2425 north davidson street)

Lets Put a Roar in your game......Tiger Chess Assocation come visit the Tiger Den 2425 North Davidson street ,Charlotte Nc 28205 

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