The Survivor Series




Tiger Chess Survivor Series Survivor Series #3,June9 th  

3 round ,USCF  Rated Swiss G/70

Location: Reds @ 28th ,Suite 125

2425 North Davidson Street ,Charlotte Nc 28205 

 (Across from Amelies French Bakery)


Prizes b/10 man sections , $100 , $50

Three Sections Open - U1700 -U1400

Cash Prize & Trophy

Entry Fee : $20

USCF rated Reg: 8.30-9.45    Rds Times- 10.00 - 1.00 - 3.45

Byes, one 1/2 point byes available .Must commit before start of rd 1


The Winner of the Most Survior Series Titles out of the Sx Tournaments in each section Wins a 4ft Survivor Trophy and $100.00 Bonus Cash in the Open Section  

$100 Bonus for the  U1700 & U1400 sections  

This is our signature event players compete in a crueling battle of the minds for six Surivior Series  Tournaments over two months .Only one will survive and claim the title of Ultimate Survivor .

NM Chris Mabe & NC Champion (AKA Tactical Assassin ) won it in 2004 with 4.5 out of 6 events

Fellow Suvivors Experts Keith Eubanks ,Micheal Curcuru & IM Daniel Tapia were particapants of first ever Survivor Series 2004   




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