Tournaments - Buck Rated

May 30th - June 30th

Tiger Chess Assocation

Buck Rated )


Open Section  - Lower Section

Ef.$1 Dollar per game ,USCF Rated

No games played on SAT ,Sun  Tues ,Wed

3 byes allowed must annouce all byes by round 5

Winner of the each section Wins  $30 bucks cash prize


Monday Nights At 7.30 & Thursday Nights at 7.30

Reds@28th at 2425 North Davidson Street ,28205

No Da's across from the famous Amelie's French bakery

  This Tournament Gives You the Player The Choice of When You want to Play 

This Tournament Offers 10 Rated games for only $1 a game you pay for the games you want to play 

Come enjoy playing the game you love at a affordable cost ..

Put The Roar In Your Game..........


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